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Steve O. Courage
Steve O. Courage

Thank you for desiring to know about me

I’m Steve (Olorun-Ni) Courage. Just call me Steve O. Courage.

I will love to tell you both good and ugly things about me.

Where should we start?

27 Ugly Things about Me

Why on earth will you want to tell the world about the ugly sides of your life?

I decided to write this post because I notice that in our today’s world, everybody is an angel.

Everybody is perfect.

People love to talk about how good they are, how nice they are, how rich they are etc. Well, I think this is hypocritical. All of us are good and at the same time, all of us are bad.

My purpose in writing these ugly things about myself is to let you know me on a deeper level. After all, people you love most are people you know their dirty side.

Let’s go inside.

My Early Life & Health-Related Ugliness

 1. I was born a sickly boy.

You know such children who are problem to their mother and family? That was me. I was born with a strange genotype, SC. I would have this terrible pains in different parts of my body. I would cry many days and nights. I prayed for death for the first 15 years of my life.

 2. I thought I would die before 18,

because a medical “expert” said I may die due to my terrible health condition.

3. I grew in a poor African village.

I spent my first 10/11 years in a wretched Oyi-Adio village of Nigeria where there was no electricity, no road, and no water… not even a single well water. We drank stream water. Worst, no meaningful doctor to know my health status for the first 14 years of my life, instead my family assumed that it was the work of some witches. At 14 I was wrongly diagnosed. This, as you will guess never solve my health problem. I was sickly till my age 17 when Jesus healed me.

4. I love food and sometimes overeat.

Just like you, I love food. Eba (a Yoruba meal) was my favourite food when I was a boy. Beans later became my favourite and now vegetables and fruit. In all, I do eat too much sometimes.

5. I abandoned exercise many months ago.

It was due to my indiscipline. I usually run and lift weight before, only to abandon all that. Hope to get back to gym soonest.

My Academic & Education Related Ugliness

6. I was caught cheating when I was in senior secondary school 2.

What was ugly in being caught cheating as a secondary school boy? Nothing really, except if you were a proud academic leader of the said class.

That is who I was. I was the best student in the commercial class. That day as we were doing commerce test, after I had answered about 4 out of 5 questions I felt like, ‘Stephen you have to score everything’. I pulled out my long commerce note and started cheating. In less than 10 minutes I was caught. It was a big shame. My commerce teacher must be disappointed. My “glory” (as the best student) seemed buried. It was ugly. The best commercial student caught cheating in a commerce test.

7. I hate school.

Yea, another ugly side of me is that I hate school. Since everybody loves school and worships “her“, isn`t it ugly that someone will come out in public to rubbish school? In my own opinion, school is dead because “good job” is dead. You need to read  7 reasons why I hate school

8. I have no certificate.

Since I told you above that I hate school, you shouldn`t find it funny that I don`t have certificate. The only certificate I ever collected with my hands (Primary and Secondary certificate) were left in my father`s sitting room when I was leaving his home. Maybe someone will one day use them to clear dirty chairs.

I think the whole world is wrong by raising the importance of certificate this much. I know it`s ugly to hate certificate when everybody loves it. But you can read the reasons why I hate certificate here.

9. I am a book addict.

As you will discover in this post, I am an extremist. I will rather be at the extreme right, or at the extreme left. This is ugly of me. At a time my father had to report me to my mother and my eldest sister that I was running mad. Why? He found me reading morning, afternoon, evening and night. I would be reading and talking when walking on a busy road. You would see me reading while eating, in the toilet or just anywhere and anytime. Till today as I am writing this, I can never go anywhere without a book (at hand or on my smartphone).

Keep me in a room for one month, supply me with foods and drinks, give me 20 good business and spiritual books and I will not cry much. While you may think this is a good virtue, every good thing done too much has some negative effects. How will you feel if you have a husband who is usually talking with you with one eye and reading with another? That is just one of the ugly effect of being a book addict.

10. I’ve never (truly) respected anyone who doesn’t read.

Call it pride, I don`t have a friend who doesn`t read. I believe people who do not read good books are half-humans. Unfortunate my darling Racheal doesn`t read, yet she is better than I do in so many ways, so I think I may not be 100% accurate in my judgment about people who do not read.

11. My memory doesn’t keep detail.

Tell me something by 8am and I have forgotten before 9.

12. I am not as brilliant as most people think.

So many people when they read our tutorials want to assume that I am very brilliant. In fact, some have sent mails or called to tell me I am a genius. Maybe I know so many things that many people don`t know, but please don`t tell anyone this, I am still learning about business, life and God… far from arriving

Job & Social Ugliness

13. I hate job.

I believe the whole concept of job is as a result of schools` brainwashing. I believe we have to urgently kill our universities and polytechnics or they will destroy our future by making all our youths unemployed. Please, read the reasons why I hate job.

14. I hate to receive instructions.

Never tell me how to do things, just what to do.

15. I rejected an offer to process America visa about seven years ago.

Ugly? I don`t believe there is money in America (or any other country outside there)

16. I have only about 300 friends on facebook as at the time of writing this.

I guess you know why.

17. I don`t watch movie

18. I don`t watch football

19. I don`t watch television.

I hate them. I count all the above three as great waste of time. While I may be right to an extent, I have taken it too extreme. How will you feel to meet a man who doesn`t know the names of five international football players? How will you feel to see a man who has not watched five movies in the last one year? How will you feel to hear about a man who has not sit down to watch five television shows this year? It`s ugly. I don`t like myself to be this way, yet, I cannot help myself. Since when I was 15, my days have always being too busy or maybe I am anti-social (or whatever you call me)

20. I’m confrontational, brash and non-conventional.

I don`t know why but I just find myself at the opposite side of most thoughts and opinions. When one million people say yes, I will just find it hard to say yes. Luckily for me whenever I disagree with the crowd, I usually see the crowd turning back to follow me.

21. I hate men’s arrogant attitude toward women.

I believe men are misusing their (physical, mental and financial) power over women.

22. I love woman and I think they are the best creature of God.

Why will a man (I) speak against men? It`s ugly.

23. I spent over four years in courtship with the lady of my life without sex.

Stephen, what did you just said? Spent 4 years in relationship with a lady and no sex? You must be mad! Thank you. I know it`s ugly in 21 century where sex is a mere game, but as a follower of Jesus Christ, I have to obey God`s commandments, not men`s opinion.

24. I don’t value long life.

I don`t pray for it, just as many people do. To me, what I do with my life matters, not how long.

25. I am not a millionaire.

What? This is really ugly. The CEO of the prestigious ABC is not a millionaire?

You heard me right. You see, today on the internet, everybody who is writing about money is a millionaire. One day I challenged someone “why do you call yourself a millionaire on the internet when you are not? “, “it`s all about packaging“, he told me on facebook. I am not a millionaire. Why then do I teach business and money? Because I know what most people don`t know about the subjects and I have practical experience in the business world.

Thank you for taking time to read these ugly things about me. If you care to know, I will love to tell you few nice things about me. These are just three:

  1. I know so much about starting, running and making money from business … especially in Africa. I started my first business when I was only 15 years old. I have been in business with people and for myself. I have spent the last decade in crazy studies of many subjects that are needed to be a successful business owner.

This is not to impress you that I know everything. Nobody does. However, if you are willing to start, grow or make good money from your own business, I can teach you many things. Don`t believe me. Just spend some minutes on this website and your life will be transformed.

  1. I am a good writer and speaker (if you are able to hear me speaking in an event, seminar or through any of our audio trainings). I started writing when I was only around 15 years old. Maybe I was born a writer, I don`t know, but I have received so many good feedbacks from many people around the world, much enough to make me proud as a good writer. You will enjoy your daily visit to this website.
  1. I love Africa and Africans. I love you. Few months ago I was speaking on phone with one of our readers, I told him, “see, if I could die to make Africans more business minded, I will love to die TODAY“.

Nothing exaggerative in the above statement. Because I love Africa, I am sacrificing my time daily to see that we have a better continent. I am not a political leader (and I will never be. You remember I don`t have certificate? Lol), but I am passionate about training Africans to be entrepreneurs. Our goal in the ABC is to training one million Africans to be successful business owners.

I will love to die pursuing this goal!

Africa must be economically revived!

I love you. Let us walk and work together. Visit this site (www.AfricaBusinessClassroom.com) every day. To read our free business course, click here. I will love to hear from you.


Stephen Afolabi, ABC CEO