A Nigerian business man, who has been in the business world for over 20 years wants to teach you…

How to Start Your Own Business in Nigeria, Kenya, South-Africa or Any Africa Country within The Next 21 Days

…even if you have little or no capital


How to Make a Lot of Money through Your Business

(Still available today, [todaysdate] )

Dear friend,

Stephen OlorunNi
Stephen OlorunNi, ABC CEO

If you`re unemployed and are tired of searching for jobs that are not available,

Or you`re an employee who works so hard but receives so little salary that cannot take care of your needs,

Or you`re having a “good job” (or living abroad) but you have to work too hard and have no time for your life and family,

Then, you URGENTLY have to start your own profitable business (either as per-time or full time)


It is not easy to start a business and make it successful in Africa

(whether you`re in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa or any other African countries, the situation is similar).

I know it`s not easy because I have been in the business world for over 20 years.

It`s not easy, but it`s very possible and achievable… if you`re serious.

You`re NOT going to make one billion naira next month,

I`m NOT promising you that I will teach you how to become a millionaire without work

And you see, I`m NOT a millionaire myself, yet.

I am NOT a millionaire.

I don`t know everything about business and I am NOT promising you that I will teach you how to get-rich-quick,

but I can show you how to have a good start for a very profitable business of your own in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa or any other African countries.

I am NOT talking about Making money online here.

I am NOT talking about Fiverr, Mini-importation, Gambling etc.

I am talking about physical world, practical business.

If you will give me some time,

I`ll be willing to become your friend and to show you how to start your own business and how to make a lot of money from your business … step-by-step.

That is the reason why you have to stop whatever you`re doing right now and read every word on this page

And if you have any concern or questions bordering you about starting your own business or about making money from your business and you want to discuss with me, you can consult me for free.

You will soon read how you can get my private phone number, so you can discuss with me on phone, one-on-one

or meet one of our team members in our Lagos office at No 90, Lagos road, Ikorodu, Lagos State.

Why am I so confident that we can show you how to start your own profitable business and make money in Nigeria?

  • Because I have been in the Nigeria business world for over 20 years.
  • Because I was born poor just like you and even sickly, yet I overcame every obstacles and become a business owner.
  • Because I have started businesses in the past, even when I had little or no money of my own (In fact, when I started my first business, I was a little boy of 15)
  • Because I have acquired business skills by reading from more than 750 business books

Listen to me!

If you truly want to start a profitable business of your own between today, [todaysdate] and the next 21 days,  (either as per-time or full time, as a man, woman or a housewife),

I have tens of business tactics, techniques and strategies you can hardly find anywhere else.

Stephen OlorunNi
Stephen OlorunNi, ABC CEO

My name is Stephen OlorunNi

I am a business man who has been in the business world (per-time and full time) for over 20 years.

I`m a business consultant, a motivational speaker and the author of 5 business books. 2 of my books have been to over 10 countries of the world.

I`m the CEO of the Africa Business Classroom (ABC)cropped-abc-big-logo.jpg

I and my wife live in Nigeria.

I grew up as a sickly boy in a poor Village call Oyi-Adio, Osun State, Nigeria.

I spent my first 17 years as a sickly boy.

However, even as a sickly boy, my mother has got me involved in her business as early as when I was only 8 years old.

By the time I would be 10, I had become a “partner” with my mother in her business.

At around 13 I joined my brother`s business (where I later became the pillar that held that business and made it profitable)

Around this time, I had started thinking that it doesn`t make sense to be an employee.

Do you think it makes sense to be an employee?

Somehow I started dreaming of becoming a successful business owner.

I started my first personal business when I was only a little boy of 15 years

That business did NOT make me a millionaire but it made me richer than my mates, so I call it a successful business.

I later sold that business and started another business.

All this period, I was going to school and getting involve with businesses, either with anyone in my family or my own personal business.

But even as I was in schools, my heart was in the business world.

I liked business

I loved business.

I love business.

I would get involve in this business, spend hours talking with friends about that business, and invest in that other business.

In fact, I was only 19 years old when I invested in the Ecobank of Nigeria

You have probably started thinking, “this guy has a rich family”.

That`s not true.

My father was a cocoa farmer, my mother a tailor and a small business owner.

But business is just my life, right from when I was a boy.

I would think business, discuss business with friends and read different books about business.

This will surprise you…

When I left school on June 30th, 2008 I decided never to collect my “good” certificate from school.

Instead, I went straight to the business world.

Everybody around me taught I was crazy.

A friend offered me work at the Sky Bank of Nigeria, I said NO.

Yes, I rejected offer to work for bank because all I wanted to be is a business owner.

My elder brother asked me to bring my CV, I told him that I didn`t need a job.

I didn`t have much money to start a business (the whole money I had that time was around #8,500) but I had something that was more than money.

What was that?

You guessed right…

Business skills.

As at the time I was planning to start my own business (after school) I had read from over 300 business books,

plus my business experience since when I was only 8 years old till that time,

I felt that I would be stupid to start searching for jobs.

Even though I didn`t have much money (only about #8,500) and none of my family members could give me a kobo…

I started fully in my personal business on Thursday, 24th of July, 2008

(after I have spent about 12 years in running businesses as per-time)

It was not easy for me,

I had to face a lot of challenges.

But because I have gathered so much business knowledge (from hundreds of books), it was easier to move forward.

Today, my business wisdom has “traveled” to tens of countries of the world, my business books have been to over 13 countries and many people regard me as their “mentor”.

I don`t know who you`re but I`m telling you that I have so many things to teach you if you want to start your own business in Africa (whether in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa or any African countries)…h

because I have gathered so much business experience and knowledge in the last 20 years.

I am NOT become a millionaire, nor have I become the richest man in Africa, but I`m telling you…

You Can Start Your Own Business and Make a lot of Money from it.

Off course, you probably hate your job and you`re aware of the unemployment rate in Africa.

On the 16th March, 2014, Punch Newspaper published a shocking new of how more than 18 Nigerians lost their precious lives when they were struggling to get Immigration job.

Will you say that is too bad?

Not like this…

wilsoncenter.org published a sadden post on 15th of Sept. 2010, of how Kenya’s youth unemployment rate stands at 65%, which is among the highest in the world.

The World Bank representative, Marie Francoise has revealed since November 12th, 2013 that over 100 million Nigerians are living in abject poverty.

That is only Nigeria, not considering other African countries.

In fact, Nigerian vice president, Prof. Yemi Osibanjo confessed on August 20th, 2015 that over 110 million Nigerians are poor


Because Millions of Nigerians and Africans are unemployed.

Because over 7 million youths all over Africa are getting into labour market every year to add to the existing problem.

Few people that are having jobs are underpaid.

Those that are having the so call “good jobs” (in banks and oil companies) cannot sleep well at night because they know they can lose their jobs anytime

Yes, it`s happening every day.

On April 14th, 2015, P.M News Nigeria published the news of how Diamond Bank sacked about 1,000 of it worker

On Thursday, 30th July, 2015 Nigeria Monitor published the news of how Shell is planning to sack 6,500 of its workers.

On September 18th, 2015, The Nation Newspaper published a shocking story of how 60,000 Nigerian construction workers were sacked

Now, you can see that anyone who depends on job may end up being poor!

Millions of Africans who are running around for jobs are not getting any, so many of them are dying in attempt to get a job.

Those that are having jobs are being grossly underpaid.

Those that are well paid cannot sleep because they are being overused and worse… they can lose their jobs anytime

Some people are thinking that government should solve this terrible problem and just as you and I know, our governments are simply noise makers.

So what is the way out?

You have to start your own business NOW!

You must start your own business …………………. now!

Please, can I tell you the truth?

It`s not easy to start a business in Africa.

And from my 20 years` experience, it`s even easier to start a business in Nigeria. Kenya or other African countries than to make money (good money) from business.

It`s not easy to make much money from business in Africa.

But it`s very possible, if you`re serious, determined and willing to learn.

If you`re serious, I will hold you by the hand, reveal some deep “secrets” to you, equip you with business tactics and strategies you need.

I will give you my private phone number, so you can call me whenever you have any challenge you think my wisdom could solve.

Doing this under the umbrella of the Africa Business Classroom (ABC).


From my little age 8 when I started getting involve with my mother`s business, to all I learned from doing business with my brothers…

… from my age 15 when I started my first personal business till now….

…from the business knowledge I acquired  from over 750 business books…

…from my 20 years of business experience, mistakes, failures and successes…

I`m here to hold your hand and show you the way to start your own business, make money through it and build a successful business in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana or any other countries in Africa, through our business course:How to start your own business in Nigeria

How to Start Your Own Business in Nigeria & Africa within The Next 21 Days

(even if you have little or no capital)


How to Make a Lot of Money Through Your Own Business.

Who Needs This Course?

Anybody who is planning to start a business in Africa

Whether you`re living in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, South Africa or any African country and want to start your own business there or you`re living outside Africa but planning to come back home to start your own business,

You have to read this course!

This course is in form of PDF which will be sent to your e-mail address.

(If you don`t have an email address, you can contact us and we`ll send it through other means)

You can get it from anywhere in Africa and you can read it through your phone or Laptop.

What Makes this Course so Different?

This business course is different from anything you`re used to for three reasons.

First, because it was written by an experienced business man who has spent over 20 years (per-time and full time) in the business world, learning, trying and doing.

This means that you`re not about to read mere theories.


You`re about to read proven and tested principles that will help you to start your own business and make money from it.

The second thing that makes this course different is that it was written by an African, who has been in the business world in Africa for many years.

what does this mean?

You see, there are thousands of books out there about business, but what you will find out is that many of those things the authors teach are not practicable in Nigeria or Kenya.

It`s not the authors` fault.

Imagine someone who is living in the United States or the United Kingdom writing about how to start a business.

Though he will do his best to write everything he knows, but he can never write FOR YOU because there is no way he could understand the business environments of Africa.

This is a course written for YOU, because it`s written by an African who has years of practical business experience in African business environment.

That`s another thing that makes this course VERY different.

I have been in the business world of Africa for years (per-time and full time), so teaching you how to start a business here in our land should never be my headache.

The third reason why this business course is unusual is that it`s not just a book.

It`s a complete business training that`s design to REALLY help you to start your own business and become a successful business owner.

How do I mean?

I won`t`just send this course to you and forget you.

I will give you an opportunity to have access to me directly by giving you my private phone number and WhatsApp number.

It`s not very easy for me to give my private mobile line to many people and that`s one of the reasons why only 1000 serious Africans can be allowed to get this course this time around.

I know that to really help you, I have to stand by you…. as a friend and mentor

You imagine this…

As you will be reading this course, many business ideas will come to your mind, so will some questions which you will need an experienced person to discuss with,

What if I am not available?

What if my private phone number is not available for you to discuss with me?

I don`t think I have done you a great favour that way.

That`s the reason why I have made myself available to answer your calls (though it`s not easy for me due other engagements I`m occupied with)

And if you`re not a Nigerian, you can easily contact me on WhatsApp and ask me any business-related question or concern.

My private phone number and WhatsApp number is on page 5 and page 78 of this course. Simply open and contact me.

(Get my private line on page 5 and page 78 of this course and feel free to call or ask me anything on WhatsApp whenever you have any business-related challenge, concern or questions)

If you ask me anything I don`t have a perfect answer for, I will connect you with any of my business friends who is an expert in such field.

This business course contains 19 chapters, 173 pages, 25 descriptive photos and over 30,000 words

It is in e-book, PDF format (which you can read on your phone or laptop or Desktop)

It will be sent to your email address (but if you don`t have an email text/call or WhatsApp 08147926254 to know how you can get it)

This business course will teach you three things.

First, How to Start Your Own Business in Nigeria, Kenya or any other Africa country (even if you have little or no capital)

Second, How to Make Money from Your Business.

Starting a business is not a problem, don`t you know?

Making money in the business is the number one challenge for many Africans.

Thousands of Africans have started businesses and lose money because they don`t know how to make money from their business ventures.

And that`s the reason why I use over 70% of this course to teach you how to make money from your business in.

This course will teach you, comprehensively about how to make money from your business.

The third thing you will learn from this training is how to sustain your business, expand it and make it a successful company.

Your goal should not be to be a “self-employed” person. Your goal is to be an employer of labour.

Some people start business, make some money, then competitors come in and push them aside, because they are only “self-employed”.

Don`t just be “self-employed”

This course will teach you how to stand strong, beat competitors, remain the leader in your industry and be a business giant (not just a self-employed person).

So this business course is three-in-one:How to start your own business in Nigeria

How to Start Your Own Business + How to Make Money from Your Business + How to Grow, Expand and Sustain Your Business

Some of the things you will learn from this course are:

  • The number one thing Africans don`t know about starting business, which is the reason why most of them cannot start their own business (Read page 4 of this business course)
  • Starting a business is not a problem. The real problem is in making money from your business. Read page 35 of this course to see an important step you must take to make your business successful.
  • To make your business profitable in Africa, you have to be smart, strategic and tactical. Most Africans don`t know how to go about this. I will teach you on page 26.
  • How I started my first business when I was only age 15 and what you must learn from how I started, if you want to start a business. (Page 44)
  • Most people think they need much money to start a business. Well, they are wrong! You will know what they don`t know on page 46.
  • If you start a business today, you will definitely have some competitors. So tell me, how do you plan to make people buy from you and not your competitors? This is a big problem for most African business owners. It won`t be a problem for you anymore after reading chapter 11 of this course.
  • Governments, news agencies and other people in Africa are advising you to be self-employed. That`s a bad advice. You don`t have to be self-employed. You have to be an employer of labour and a giant business owner. You`ll learn how to achieve this through this business course.
  • 3 things I did between June, 2007 and July 24th, 2008 that helped me to be whom I am today. I will show you how you can use my exact secret in page 25.
  • How to discover business ideas and opportunities you need to start your own business in Africa (I`ll share some very deep secrets with you about this inside this course)
  • What you don`t know, which is the reason why you have not been able to start your own business till now and how you can start right now! (Read page 18)
  • I have read from near 300 books about life and business even BEFORE I started fully in business on 24th July, 2008 so I thought I had knew so much and I was so proud until I later discovered something else which I’ll teach you on page 46.
  • How the bad things that are happening in Nigeria can help you to start your own business. Believe me, some people are already taking the advantage of the ugly situations of Africa to be rich (by solving some national problems and make money doing so). This course will teach you can build a prosperous business, despite the ugly situations around you.
  • The biggest mistake Africans make whenever they want to start business which is the reason why they fail. You have to know this mistake or you too will fail in business. Read page 24.
  • How to sell your products or services, fast, even in a competitive market (page 32)
  • A simple practical step you must take NOW, if truly you want to have a profitable business in Nigeria. You don`t need money to do this yet, most Africans don`t know about it.
  • The secret three warriors (Hernan Cortes, Emperor Julian, and Agathocles of Syracuse) used in 1519 AD, 363 BC and 310 BC respectively to win tough battles, how I used the same secret to make money in business and how you can use the same secret to make money in Africa`s tough business environment. (Read page 18)
  • The business secret I learned from a great business leader about 6 years ago that is helping me to make money when others are losing money in business. The name of that business giant is Brian Sher. I will share what I learned from him with you on page 25 of this course.
  • How to make much money from business in Africa without inventing a new thing, provided you will follow my advice on page 40.
  • Do you know it`s NOT product or service we are actually selling in the business world? We are selling perception, customers` perception. If your business is not perceived well by your customers, they will not buy from you. (Mr. Philemon, a Nigerian who has read this book told me that this chapter blew his mind) Read page 33
  • What African`s successful entrepreneurs know about business which make them succeed but which they will never tell you. This is actually not a secret. You just don`t know it until now. Read page 49
  • Just as you cannot win a battle if you`re not having war strategies, you cannot have a lucrative business anywhere in Africa if you`re not having business strategies. Read page 27 of this course to know how to get business strategies that will make your business profitable.
  • Do you know that you can sell a good product or offer a great service and still not make money? Yes, if you don`t know what is on page 36 course.
  • There is one business book I came across in the year 2008 and I still revisit it till today because the book has taught me so much about business. Every African who want to make money from business must read this book! I will tell you the name of this great business book on page 26 of this course.
  • The first thing you must do if you`re unemployed and wish to have a profitable business (read chapter 3)
  • The second step you must take if you`re unemployed and want to have a successful business (page 31)
  • One important thing you must do if you`re an employee who want to start a business. (page 21)
  • How to grow your business (if you`re having a small business already)
  • How to avoid running back from business. Many Africans have started business and ran back because they didn`t know what is on the page 18 of this book
  • How I turn my talent to business and make money and how you too can turn your talent to a profitable business in your country. (pages 59-60).
  • Must you lie before you can make money? I don`t lie and I make some cool money. I will reveal to you what most people don`t know which make them think that they have to lie to make money. Read page 37.
  • Do you know that in a survey, more people said that they love the taste of Pepsi than the taste of Coca Cola? Yet, more people are buying Coca Cola than Pepsi. Why is this so? There is a secret Coca Cola uses which you too have to use to sell hundreds and thousands of whatever products/services you`re selling, even when you have competitors. If you don`t know this secret, just forget your dream of making money through your business in Nigeria (Read page 34 NOW).
  • As you want to start your own business, what is the best thing to sell? Should you sell what people need or what they want? You will be surprised that you don`t know the answer until you read chapter 11 of this course.
  • The mistake my close friend made that made him to fail in business and how you can avoid the same mistake, so you won`t fail in the business you`re about to start. (page 68-69)
  • One thing Dangote and every African`s successful business man/woman do to make money, but which they may never tell you. I too do this and I’m willing to tell you on page 28 of this course.
  • Do you know what marketers call USP? If you don`t know about USP and how to use it to start and make a business profitable, then why do you want to start a business? Don`t try that or else you will waste your money. Read pages 57-62 to know about USP and how to use it to start, run and make money from business, in Nigeria.
  • How important is your business name? Do you know that your business name can be what will kill your business? If you don`t know this, I will advise you NOT to think of starting a business until you read how to use your business name as a strategy against your competitors starting from page 73.
  • 9 ways by which you can win your competitors and build a profitable company. I`m NOT teaching you theory here. I did it in a business I started in September, 2012. I had a little success, because I didn`t do it right. I however used this same tactic again in April 2014 and I`m still using it till now and enjoying its great reward, so I know what I`m saying. Read page 61.
  • One important business “secret” I taught two of our entrepreneur “students” on phone in the last few months (about starting a business). I will teach you the most important thing I taught them in chapter 14 of this course.
  • Most Africans who are starting business think they must sell their products and services at lower prices if the will attract people to what they are selling.

I pity them!

They cannot be rich in the business world that way. You don`t have to sell at lower price.

Just do what I will teach you from page 80 of this business training and you will be able to sell at normal (or higher) prices and your customers will even rush to buy from you.

Nokia phone was always more expensive than Tecno, People rush to buy Apple products, even if it`s expensive, MTN sold Sim cards for #20,000 and you rushed to buy it.

How do they do it? Any magic? Page 80-81 will reveal their secret to you.

There are so many other practical business secrets inside this training that will help you to start your own business, make a lot of money and sustain a giant company, in Nigeria, even if you have little capital.

So How Much is This Course?

If you want me to teach you everything you need to start your own profitable business and you want me to reveal to you the secrets of making money from business, you may have to pay #50,000 or more for my time and knowledge.

You may even have to travel and come and meet us at No 90, Lagos road, Ikorodu, Lagos or we meet in a hotel, which will add to your expenses.

Now you don`t have to pay such amount to buy my time and business knowledge, nor do you have to travel a long distance.

You can easily get everything I want to teach you delivered to your e-mail address with a token of #7,000 ($35)

But wait!

We are giving 1,000 copies of this business training out (for now) on a special discount because of Africans who are unemployed or low income earners.

……. that is if you`re fast before the 1,000 special discount copies is finished.

Maybe you don`t know.

More than 50,000 Africans are going to read this page as you`re reading it now.

In fact, you may be surprised if you know how many people are presently reading at the same time with you yet, only 1000 serious people will be able to get this course at discount this time around.

The good news is that the discount copies are still available today, [todaysdate] and tomorrow

If you act fast enough to get one of the few discounted copies, instead of you to pay 35 dollars (#7,000), you will pay only a token of just #1,999 (9 dollars if you`re paying online or outside Nigeria)

This amount is 917 Kenyan Shilling, if you`re a Kenyan and 147 South Africa Rand. If you`re from any other countries, don`t worry, you can use your ATM to order for this course easily.

…….the above discounted price is, IF you pay for this course before the discounted copies are finished.

Why are we giving out only 1,000 copies at discount?

With the Africa`s current population of over 1 billion, with millions of unemployed and underpaid employees who want to start their own profitable business, why are will giving only 1,000 copies of this course on discount, why not 1 million copies or more?

Because this course is far more valuable than even its original price of 35 dollars (#7,000 in Nigeria) so giving it out at such a little amount is an act of generousity from us.

When will this discounted price be over?

This discount is still available today, [todaysdate] and tomorrow.

Please Note; If you`re not able to order for this course today or tomorrow, you may send us a text on 08147926254 to reserve a copy for you till the next two or three days.

If the 1,000 discounted copies are finished or if we wake up tomorrow and decide to, we can change this price.

The special discount is still available today.

If you wish to get this course when it`s still cheap for a token #1,999 in Nigeria (which amount to about 9US Dollars outside Nigeria) you have to get it NOW.

If you don`t get it cheaply NOW, you may have to pay higher price for it later

And you see, there is no other place (as far as Africa is concern) where you can get any detailed and life-changing course like this one easily as you can get it now.

The first man to read this course is Mr. Faith Philemon.

This is the message he later sent to us;

“I never knew how blind I was about business __ till I met the ABC”

Faith Philemon
Faith Philemon

Why did he say that?

Because this course contains many business secrets that only 0.1% of Nigerians know. If you read this course and your life remains the same, then, I am a fraudster.

Obiageli Azubuike is a passionate woman who has being dreaming of starting her own business before she came across our book and read it.

This is the message she later sent to our email;

“I am short of words. I don’t know how to thank you people for giving me more courage to be on my own”

Obiageli Azubuike
Obiageli Azubuike

If you have been dreaming of starting your own business and being on your own, here is a course you must read.

When I spoke on phone with Prince Nwandire and he told me that he had read so many books, I was wondering whether our book could help him but after reading, he sent this message to our email address;

“ABC has revolutionized the way I think, the way I see money, the way I see myself and the way I look at business and various business opportunities around. I now believe without a shadow of doubt that I can become a mega business owner. I am happy I came across ABC“ testimony
After reading Mr. Nwandire`s mail, I concluded that truly, I know hundreds of business tactics, strategies and techniques that 99.9% of Nigerians don`t know.

I was happy the day I received Mr. Chike Ezeji`s mail.

Read what he wrote to us;

“Hello, my name is Chike Ezeji, I don’t know how to start but God will surely bless you and your team for your great work. Since I started reading (your business course) my thinking and life has changed. I have already started building my business with my team without capital by doing what I learnt from the course”

Chike Ezeji
Chike Ezeji

Ever since September 27th 2007, we have heard and received so many testimonies of how our business training, books/course have helped so many Nigerians and Africans.

Adediji Bolanle sent this message to us on facebook;

“I don’t know what would have happened to me, if I didn’t come across you”

Jesse Francis sent this to our email;

I really thank God for making my paths cross with ABC….. (your business course) is quite exceptional”  

Okwuchukwu Achochi called me after he read our book and said,

“The passion in your book shows that you actually love Africa” 

Rabiu Yushau sent this to us on facebook;

I was about to derail business wise but you put me back on track with innovative ideas and motivation, advice. Thanks.”

Opara Chibuzor sent this to our email after reading our book;

“I am thankful to God for the day I came in contact with the ABC”

Plus hundreds other testimonies.

Can I Get This Course if I Am Not in Nigeria?

YES. This business course is written for anyone who want to start a profitable business in Africa, regardless of where you`re now.

The course will be sent to your email address and you will get it, no matter where you are in Africa or outside Africa.

If you`re outside Nigeria and want to ask me any question, contact me on  08100446044

What if I have very small or no capital to start a business, can this course help me?

I understand this situation and that`s why I go extra mile inside this book, to teach you how to get resources to start a business of your own.

In this course, I wrote a whole section where I teach you the proven tactics and strategies I have been using for years to get capital and resources I needed to start my businesses.

Since I have been doing this for years, you can trust I know what I`m saying here.

I wouldn`t tell you that it`s a magic or it`s possible without any effort from you, but I`m telling you that getting resources to finance your business is very possible… and I will teach you how to do it inside this training.

What do I need to be able to read this course or how can I get this book?

This course is an e-book, on PDF. It will be sent  to your e-mail address and if you don`t have an email address text/call   08100446044 (+2348100446044 from outside Nigeria).

You can read this course through your phone, laptop or desktop computer.

You will need a pen and a notebook as you`re reading it because it`s a practical book that will give you many inspiration, business ideas, tactics and business secrets you will have to note down.

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Yes, there is one great business book you will receive as bonus for ordering for this business course.

It`s titled Idea Virus

This business book was written by someone I myself call business a genius, Seth Godin.

Seth Godin has taught me so much about how to make money from business and if I want to tell you the truth, I cannot compare myself with him if we`re talking about business skills and wisdom.

He is a Lion. I`m a cart.

I`m not the author of this book, nor am I the one giving you. I will only give you the link to the blog of Seth Godin where HE gives the book out for free.

This business book worth more than #5,000 to me, but you will get it for FREE

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We started this organization, Africa Business Classroom in a room with 2 people on September, 2007.

Today, our message has reached people in over 21 countries and we`re still growing.

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