How to Get Capital to Finance Your Own Business


Did you ever wish to start your own business but find it hard to get capital to finance your intending plans?


You Can Now Learn:

How to Get Capital to Finance Your Own Business…

13 proven tactics, revealed by an experienced entrepreneur

This is NOT about bank loan or borrowing money from cooperative society.

Please note.

What you’re about to read will NOT make you rich next week.

What you’re about to read will NOT drop one million dollars into your bank account

And it will NOT make you a millionaire without work.

This is NOT about internet business.

This is not about Information Marketing.

This is not about Fiverr, Blogging or Mini-importation.

This is about physical world, offline, practical entrepreneurship and it is brought to you by the Africa Business Classroom (ABC).cropped-abc-big-logo.jpg

ABC is an organization (started since September 2007).

Our mission is to train one million Africans to be entrepreneurs.

As at the time of writing this letter, we have our entrepreneur students in 13 major Africa countries ( South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Liberia, Ghana and 8 other Africa countries)


Fellow Africans,

Stephen OlorunNi
Stephen OlorunNi, ABC CEO

When you were a little boy of 7 years old, you started to notice that girls are different from boys.

When you were 14, your biggest dream was to have a girlfriend.

But you were afraid of “toasting” a girl.

You remember the first time you “toasted” a girl?

You were trembling.

Your feet were staggering. Your hands were visibly shaking. Your voice was breaking.

You couldn’t look into the girl’s eyes.

To cope with your cowardice, you resulted into writing love letters and giving love cards.

However as you grew up and became an adult, you become manly and more courageous.

You can now call on any lady and woo her.

You have become a “super-toaster”.guy talking to girl

Did above story look like yours?

(At least it’s similar to what every man passed through).

Listen to the other side of this story.

You went to school where you were trained to be an employee.

Not long after school, you discovered that the whole dream of “good job” is a lie.

You’ve experienced what it means to be unemployed.

You have heard the story of 50,000 people struggling for 5 jobs in an interview.

You as an employee know how painful it is to work for someone else, to do the job you hate and worse, to get meager salary for tedious work.

You have even started a small business and trying to grow it.

In all of there scenarios, you know you need capital (to start your own business or grow the existing one)…..just as you felt you needed a girl at age 14.

Whether you want to start a new business or you want to expand the existing small business, you need capital.

But you don’t know how to get capital, so you have concluded that capital is very scarce.

I have good news for you.

Capital is not scarce.

Sam Walton said, “Capital isn’t scarce; vision is”

Is that true?


If you can woo a girl, you can get capital to start your own business.

If you have ever walked up to a girl, spoke to her and won her heart, you definitely have every skill requires to get all of the capital you need to start a business.

If you (as a lady) know how to attract men in to your life, you can get all the capital you need.

Why do I make this claim?

Because the same tactics men are using to woo ladies are the same tactics they need to use to get capital.

The same tactics ladies are using to attract men are the same tactics they can use to get capital.

I will explain.

To get a lady’s heart means that you want to get what is not (originally) yours and make it to be yours in a legal and acceptable way.

Isn’t it?

To get capital means that you want to get what is not yours (capital) and make it yours, in a legal and appropriate way

To get a lady’s heart means that you want to approach a stranger, convince her and make her your closet friend.

Isn’t it?

To get capital means that you want to get what is beyond your reach (what you don’t have) and convince the owner to give it to you.

To get a lady’s heart, you are using a creative art of persuasion.

To get capital, nothing is different

Just as the need for a lady/man is very essential to your life, so is the need of capital essential to starting, growing and making your business globally successful

However, for every stage of a business growth, there are different means of getting capital.

All of these means are simple, provided you understand how they work.

Let me explain to you.

(Please, pay attention to how easy this is)

First, if you already have a very successful business and wish to make it a national or global brand, you need capital.

But getting it is very simple.

The best thing to do to get the financial strength (capital) to achieve your expansion goal is to make your business a Public Liability Company (PLC)

By doing so, millions of people will acquire the shares of your company. Through this, they will give you their money as your capital (while they take “shares“ in our company).

That was what Dangote did in the year 2007 when he took Dangote Flour Mills to the Nigeria Stock Exchange market.

That was what Mark Zukerberg did in the year 2012 when he took facebook to public

(I know this cannot work for you if you are just starting, I am just explain it to you)

I want you to observe how simple it is to get all the capital you need.

Imagine, in the year 2007 millions of Nigerians were “rushing“ to buy Dangote Flour Mill’s share, so giving him capital to grow his business (though many people don’t understand this mathematics)

Let me explain another mean of getting capital to you.

If you are having a business that is already succeeding (moving on well), the best way for you to get capital may be to approach a bank.

Do you know?

Banks will BEG you to give you capital if they know that you already have a good business.


Because you must have gotten collaterals they can rely on

Why will banks beg you with capital?

Because banks are making their money from interest they get from loans.

Why won’t they beg you?

Now you can see how easy this one also is

Once again I know you can not use this approach if you are just starting out as an entrepreneur.

This is because you don’t have collateral and no bank will lend you money without collateral

So what is the solution?

Does that mean that you cannot start a business of your own if you are not born by a rich parent?


There is a third option which is as simple as the above two options (if you know how to do it)

You see, everything in life is simple if you see someone who knows how to do it to teach you how to do it.

You remember, speaking with a girl was very hard for you when you were 14 years old. But you learned how to do it and become very good at it.

I will teach you how to get capital.

But wait a minute.

I know you are asking, who is this guy “speaking“ with you?

Well, I’m Stephen Afolabi.

I’m an entrepreneur, an author of five business books, a motivational speaker and a business consultant.

I’m the CEO of the ABC.

I was born by a cocoa farmer and grew up in a village call Oyi-adio in Osun State.

(Because of our students who may be reading this from South Africa, Egypt, Ghana, etc, Osun State is in South-West of Nigeria).

Because I was born a sickly boy, I couldn’t live a normal life like other boys, when I was young.

However, when I was 13 years old, I started dreaming of becoming a successful businessman.

I started my first business when I was 15 years old .

It was relatively successful but I sold it due to my ignorance.

I did this because everybody around me wanted me to get good certificate and good job and that was what I was brainwashed to do.

Six years after, when I finished on campus as one of the best students, I abandoned my “good certificate” at school.

I vowed never to collect that certificate. Instead, I went straight into the business world 24 days after my last paper at school.

I didn’t do this because I was born by rich parents (as I’ve told you my father was a farmer).

Instead, I did this because I know what most people don’t know about getting capital and starting a business.

How I Discovered the Tactics of Getting Capital.

Now, I want to tell you shortly how I discovered the deep secrets about getting capital to start a business.

All my adult life, I have been a crazy reader of business books.

You would see me reading while eating, while traveling in commercial buses, even while walking on a busy road, in the toilet and just anywhere you found me.

Up till now, I don’t watch football, movie or television shows (except on rare occations or i`m forced by friends).

But as for business books, I can read 5 hours a day, 365 days a year. I am simply addicted to reading business books.

In fact, I’m having over 50 new business books I’ve not read right now in my digital library.

Then, one day something happened……….

After I’ve tried to get capital through bank and failed, I discovered that no reasonable potential entrepreneur should waste his time trying to get capital from bank (except you have collateral)

I was searching for other possible means of starting my own business (though I did not have money and I had nobody to help me).

I kept on searching, studying and reading as many business books as I could find.

(I was the kind of person who could go to the next two towns to me because I wanted to read business books)

One faithful day I came cross a book with a name that suggested it would be good for my business vision (I’ll tell you the name of that book later).

I bought this book (at CMS, Lagos, Nigeria) for #450.

Little did I know that that book will change my life forever

This book is simply wonderful. It was written by one of the greatest negotiators in the world, Herb Cohen.

I immediately turned that book to my second Bible and read it like mad.

Author of this book teaches many (godly) tactics of getting whatever you want from people, including capital.

His teachings sink inside of me and I was willing to put them into practice.

I did and I was amazed by how simple it was to get capital I needed to start a business.

After this book has opened my eyes, I looked around and search for other books that could teach me how to get capital.

I was surprised.

The more I studied how great entrepreneurs of old got capital, the more I got capital.

I then realized two important things about getting capital:

First, I discovered that all the tactics (we) men are using to get ladies` heart (and which ladies are using to attract men) are the same tactics entrepreneurs are using to get capital.

Secondly, I discovered that the best way for someone just starting a business to get capital is to get it around him/her (from people who have it).

Let me tell you three things from my business experience.

First, so many people around you are having all of the capital you need to start your own business (even if it is millions).

Second, you can tactically persuade them to willingly give you their resources (I will teach you how to do this, because I have being doing it for years)

Third, you don’t actually need to beg these people before they give you the capital you need to start your own business.

Do you beg a lady if you want to woo her?


Instead, you persuade her.

You convince her.

You seduce her.

And you see, you don’t need to know her before, do you?

You can walk up to a lady you never knew before (a stranger) and persuade her to give you her heart.

This is also possible with getting capital (so you don’t need to complain that your family is poor)

Let me tell you how I discovered this.

Around year 2009 I read a book written by Robert G Allen (an American real estate millionaire)

(I will tell you the name of this book later)

Robert dedicated a part of this book to tell the story of how he traveled to an unknown city and bought a real estate without his own money.

I was inspired.

I was eager to try it (because I love trying new things, even if it won`t work)

In May/June, 2009, when I needed capital, I traveled away from my town to another town (where I knew nobody). I spoke with people I never knew and I got capital from them…..strangers.

I wondered how sweet it was.

I continued from there.

I made another attempt in the year 2012 and I successfully got capital again (from a man who never knew me).

Again and again I continue to apply all the tactics and strategies I’ve learned about getting capital, plus my experience as an entrepreneur.

Now I’ve gotten to a point where I’m not just having the tactics of getting capital in my fingertips, people are now offering me capital, even before I ask them for it.

As at the time I’m writing this letter to you, three different people are expecting me to accept their resources.

They offered to support my business with their resources (capital) but I told them, “thanks, not now”.

Can you imagine that?

In a world where everybody wants to start a business, but thinks that capital is very scarce, here is a smart man like me who people are “begging” with capital.

Hey, before you’ll start thinking that I’m a big man, a millionaire or a guru, I’m NOT any of these.

I am not a big man.

I’m not a millionaire and I am not a guru.

I’ve not arrived.

I’m still learning and growing.

However if you are unemployed, an employee, a student or a small business owner, I can teach you how to get capital to start or to expand your existing business.

It is what I’ve done again and again (even at very difficult times).

I can teach you how to do it.Capital

That’s why the ABC is giving you the opportunity of being a part of our three-day business training which is going to be 100% about how you can get capital to start your own business or to grow your small business.

This training will be delivered to you online (through your email)

The reason why we make it that way is because many of our students from different countries of Africa will read this as you are reading it. Because of distance barrier, we want to make it easy for all to be part of this training.

Inside this three days training, you will learn:

***How you don’t need to have money (of your own) before you start a business.

***The tactics I used to get capital in the year 2010 and how you can do the same.

***How capital is as important (to business), as a lady/man is important to your life and how capital, (like ladies/men) is plenty everywhere.

You just need to learn how to get all you need

*** How most youths in Africa are fools. Inside you will see what they are doing wrong which will never allow them to get capital.

***A secret “ingredient” to add to your business idea to make people beg you to give you capital. I have being doing this since the year 2013.

***Do you know what is called OPM?

I will teach you how to get and use Other People’s Money (OPM) to start your own business.

***How if you have USP, you will get enough capital. What is USP? I will teach you.

***A political strategy Jonathan used (in 2011) to win massive votes that made him Nigeria president and how you can use the same strategy to get enough capital.

***The reason why your family members may not help you with capital and what you need to do.

***The reason why most graduates who want to start business can never get capital. Inside you will discover what they don’t know.

***How to get capital, even if you are still a student.

***How Mike Adenuga (MD, glo) started business and how you can use his formula to get capital (especially if you’re unemployed).

(This one will reveal a great secret to you).

***The first thing you must have if you want to get capital. Good enough this is free, but most people don’t know how to get it.

***How business is NOT “buying & selling” (as school taught you), plus what business truly is.

The problem is, if you don’t understand what business (truly) is, there is no way you can get capital
***The strategy I used that made a friend of mine wish to raise capital for me (in 2013)…….even when I did not ask him.

***The strategy I used to get capital from three different (complete) strangers in the year 2009 and how you can do the same.

You see, capital is so plenty that you can get it from anybody, even strangers. But you must know how to do it (I will teach you)
Getting capital from strangers?

Yes. You can get capital from strangers.

***What strategy do you think Obama used to become the United States president?

I will teach you this simple strategy and teach you how you can use the same strategy to get enough capital

*** How to get people who are having the capital you need, and who will be willing to raise capital for your business.

I will teach you how to locate people who have the capital you need and how to persuade them, so they willingly give you.

***How to get capital the way you get girls. Do you know how to get girls? This strategy will work for you.

***How to attract capital to yourself the way you attract men to yourself, if you are a lady.
***What footballers are doing (in secret) to win football matches and how you can use the same strategy to get capital.

***How your business idea is like rice. It will not be sweet if you don’t add salt to it. That salt is what brings capital. What is that (business) “salt”? I will teach you.

***Do you know Herb Cohen?

I will tell you about him and how he taught me how to get capital.

***Are you an employee? We wrote section 7 of this training because of you.

This section will teach you how to get capital (Please note, the tactics we teach in this section can only work for an employee)

***Are you unemployed, and wish to start your own business?

We wrote the whole of section 8 to teach you how to get capital to start your own business.

We wrote section 9 specifically because of you if you are a student.

So many secrets are packed into this practical, 3-section practical business training about how to get capital than I can tell here.

Before I tell you how to register, let me answer some of the questions you are asking me;

How can I be part of this practical training about how to get capital?

It’s very easy.

It is an online training.

You can be part of it as long as you have an email address.

This is because this training will be sent to your email address

How much is the training fee ?

This depends on your choice

We have this 3-section business training in audio MP3 format and we have it in PDF (reading) format.Capital


The MP3 (Audio) contains over 7hours practical training while the PDF contains a 3-sections

Below are their registration fees;

Option A;

Audio Training (over 7hrs MP3)

This is #3,500 (or $21 if you`re outside Nigeria)

You can listen to this audio training on your phone, on your computer, in your car or with your CD player… just as you do listen to music.

Unusual Advantage ; We give you a legal right to sell this Audio training to 50 people at any price you choose (if you wish to do so) and keep the whole money to yourself.

You can also give this audio out as gift to 100 people (friends, family or colleagues).

Option B

PDF (reading) format

This is a token of #2000 (or $13 if you`re outside Nigeria)

You can read this PDF file on your phone, with your laptop or desktop and you can print it out and read it like a book.

Please Note; you are not allowed (under copyright law) to sell or give out this PDF (reading) file.

Why Is the Audio Training so Long (7hrs+)?

This is because its contains more details and practical explanations

And because there are additional 3 chapters added to the audio training.

This happened because those 3 chapters were lately discovered.

Will You Pay Other Money After the Registration Fee?


It is a one time payment.

This is how you will pay for this training.

Pay through either direct bank payment, internet banking, mobile transfer, or ATM transfer.

Use any of the below bank details:

First Bank of Nigeria

Name; Augustine Racheal

A/C number: 30-76-59-46-68



Name; Stephen Afolabi

A/C number: 00-35-76-40-22



Name; Augustine Racheal

A/C Number: 20-66-63-35-72


(Note; if you are our student from South Africa, Liberia, Ghana, Kenya, Egypt or other countries in Africa, please send us a mail @ to know how you can register for this training)

What next?

After payment send: “capital“+ your discount code + your name + your email address + the Option you paid for (A, B, or C) to 08100446044 / +2348100446044

What Other Things Will I Get After Registering For This Training?

Bonus; three wonderful business books will be recommended for you. These are three of the business books that have changed my life.

We will tell you about these three books because they will transform your business life.

What if I don’t like this training?

Though at the ABC we have established our good name as an organization Africans can trust due to our impact in the past, yet, we can not claim to be good-for-all.

If for any reason you don’t like this training, simply contact the ABC on 08100446044, the best time to call this line is 7-9 PM ) and your money will be refunded, 100%, plus you will keep the training with you.

No better offer than this.

At ABC we are committed to our vision of training one million Africans to be entrepreneurs.

We started in Nigeria in September 27th, 2007.

As at the time of writing this letter, we have our entrepreneur students in 13 Africa countries; South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Egypt and 7 other countries.

Our impact has been felt in Africa and beyond. Below is what people are saying about us:

You Changed My Life

“Hello, my name is Chike Ezeji, I don’t know how to start but God will surely bless you and your team for your great work. Since I started reading this 10 Secrets my thinking and life has changed. I have already started building my business with my team without capital by doing what I learnt from the course” Chike Ezeji

You Give Me Courage to Be Independent

I am short of words. I don’t know how to thank you people for giving me more courage to be on my own.

Obiageli Azubuike

You Taught Me How to Achieve My Financial Dream

“I am one who always dreams of being an employer and through this course I came to realize that my imagination has vivid steps to attain. My gratitude to you my mentor.“

You Taught Me How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur.

“ABC has revolutionized the way I think, the way I see money, the way I see myself and the way I look at business and various business opportunities around. I now believe without a shadow of doubt that I can become a mega business owner. I am happy I came across ABC“

Prince Nwandire

“I don’t know what would have happened to me, if I didn’t come across you” Adediji Bolanle

“I was about to derail business wise but you put me back on track with innovative ideas and motivation, advice. Thanks.” Rabiu Yushau

“Your tutorials are valuable than money” Lucas Jebbey.

“I really thank God for making my paths cross with ABC…..10 secrets course is quite exceptional” Jesse Francis.

“I am thankful to God for the day I came in contact with the ABC” Opara Chibuzor.

If I continue writing testimonies here, it will be in hundreds but I know you don’t have much time.

I know you know us.

You have read our books, tutorials and course before now and you can tell who we are without any need for us to “preach“ to you.

In Conclusion;

This Practical 3-section Business Training will teach you How to Get Capital to Start Your Own Business.

Without doubt, ABC is the best organization you can turn to if you truly want to learn how to be a successful entrepreneur… which starts from how to get capital.

This is because we are a team of people who know what we are teaching in and out

The truth is that we are NOT millionaires.

We have not arrived and we don’t know everything about business.

The only strength we have is that we know how to teach you in a simple-to-understand way, what we have learned for years as entrepreneurs.

What makes this training exceptional is, first, because it was written by an experienced entrepreneur.

Since someone who has done something can easily reveal the secrets of how he did it, you can be sure here is the best training you ever can attend if you need capital to start a business.

Second thing that makes this training very unique is because it was written by Africans like you who understand the Africa environment.

No doubt, Africa environment is different, so if anyone who is from Europe writes training about how to get capital, his techniques may not work in Africa.

Now you see an African who can teach you what is working in Africa.

The third unique thing about this training is that you cannot find anything like it on the internet.

You can try and search around. If you find any organization out there that is as trustworthy as the ABC, and is having a practical training like this, please, go and try them.

Good enough, this training is affordable.

A practical and rare training like this should have gone for #25,000, but we want every serious African to learn from us and always remember us for good as they will be starting their own businesses

After all you know how much you paid (or wasted) in the university where you were taught how to be employee… working for another man.

And of course, you know the importance of this course is to your financial life.

You know, don’t you?

Things are changing ( negatively) so fast .

96% of our graduates cannot find meaningful jobs.

Many people are dying looking for jobs every year

Do you remember 19 Nigerians who died when struggling for Immigration jobs?

Employers are treating employees like slaves.

Many people are loosing their jobs every day.

Do you think this situation will soon be better?

Don’t deceive yourself!

Months and years to come will be more terrible.

This is because Africans are giving birth to over 21 millions babies every year.

These multitudes are graduating from schools and joining the labour market

How does this affect you?

It means that unemployment will continue to rise.

Not just that, employers will continue treating employees like slaves (because they know that they can get another person today if you go)

Not just that, many people who are having jobs today will suddenly loose their job because economy may remain worse (as it is now) and the employers will want to reduce cost by employing new graduates they can use much and pay less.

That is the reason why you must learn how to get capital, TODAY.

This is the registration detail you will use;

First Bank of Nigeria

Name; Augustine Racheal

A/C number: 30-76-59-46-68



Name; Stephen Afolabi

A/C number: 00-35-76-40-22



Name; Augustine Racheal

A/C Number: 20-66-63-35-72


A. Reading PDF format = #3500

B. Audio MP3 format= #2000


(Note; if you are our student from South Africa, Liberia, Ghana, Kenya, Egypt or other countries of Africa, please send us a mail at to know how to register)

After payment, send: “capital“+ your discount code + your name + your email address + the Option you paid for (A, B, or C) to  08100446044 +2348100446044

When Will I Start Get My Training?

The day you register and if we cannot process your registration that day, we will process it before 9:00am the following day.

At the beginning of this year, you made a “resolutions“ and set some financial goal.

I`m sure it’s not about getting a good job, because you now know that something is better than a good job…..and that is having a business of your own.

How else can you start a business of your own if not by getting capital?

I`m happy you understand this.

Congratulations because you can now discover How to Get Capital to Start Your Own Busines!



ABC; Training Africans to Be Entrepreneurs!cropped-abc-big-logo.jpg


(Please, if you have any question about this training call/text  08100446044 +2348100446044.

Stephen OlorunNi
Stephen OlorunNi, ABC CEO