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Why Are We Doing This?

We’re giving you all these life-changing business video, audio training and books for free because of three reasons;

One, because our organization (ABC) is celebrating 10th annivesary.

Two, because we’re now making enough money that giving one million people these great business training materials will NOT affect us at all

Three, because if you go through these business books, video and audio training, it would change your financial life and you might love us the more or even buy our other business training.

Writing to you is;

Steve Olorun-Ni
Steve Olorun-Ni

First, we’ll give you one of our best business books; 13 Secrets School Did Not Teach You about How to Be Rich

FREE Business Book

If you read this one, we’ll give you another business book, also for FREE.

It’s tittled;7-Hidden-Secrets

If you read that, we’ll give you our video and audio business training,

All for FREE

We do NOT need your money before you’ll get all these life-changing books, video and audio training.

But we need something from you;

What we need from you is that; you should read these life-changing business books 

and take time to watch and listen to these video and audio training.

The first business book we’re giving you was first published early 2013.

The first man to read it was Mr. Timothy Ononai.

This is the message he sent to us after he finished it,

``The first time I read (this business book) I had tears in my eyes but I didn`t shed it … the book has inspired me in a lot of ways``

Mr. Timothy Ononai
Mr. Timothy Ononai

After some time in the year 2013, we increased the price of this course by over 300% because of good things people said about it.

In the middle of 2014, we made it the major part of a business course and increased its price again by another over 300%

Even with this increase, we kept on receiving many wonderful testimonies about this life-changing business course.

Below are few of those testimonies:


‘’ Since I started reading this course my thinking and life has changed. I have already started building my business with my team without capital by doing what I learnt from this course” Chike Ezeji

Mrs Stella

‘’I am short of words. I don’t know how to thank you people for giving me more courage to be on my own’’.

Obiageli Azubuike


‘’Africa Business Classroom has revolutionized the way I think, the way I see money, the way I see myself and the way I look at business and various business opportunities around. I now believe without a shadow of doubt that I can become a mega business owner.“ Prince Nwandire

All the above people bought this business book.

But you’ll get it (another book, the video & audio training, all for absolute free)

Unusual Deal!

Because we want you to know that this is not just an ordinary book that will waste your time,

I want to have an unusual deal with you and that is;

If after reading this book and watching this business video your life remains the same, just call us on 08100446044 ( +2348100446044 ) and we will give you #5,000 as an apology for wasting your time.

However, if after reading this book and watching this video training they inspire you or changes your financial life, kindly send it to 5 of your best friends, so it could change their lives too.

Let’s send this book to your e-mail address IMMEDIATELY.

If you write your e-mail address in the bellow box, this book will be sent to your inbox IMMEDIATELY;

You’ll forever be grateful you read this life-changing business books and watch this video training!

We Love You!

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