The First Video Course at the A.B.U


You’ve been admitted to the great A.B.U.

We promise this is going to be a life changing decision in your life.

On behalf of every member of my team, I sincerely appreciate you for taking a step further toward your dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

If I can do it, you can do it too

Steve Olorun-Ni
Steve Olorun-Ni

This is How to Get the Best From the A.B.U

First, dedicate yourself to this university.

Make sure courses, lectures and practical assignments in this university is your priority (after God) for the next 6 months.

This is how the A.B.U works.

Every Saturday, a new course will be sent to you.

You could take some time out on Saturday or Sunday. These courses will come to you in form of Videos and Audios.

We suggest you spend time in each weekend to attend the video lecture.

Then, download the Audio to your phone (make sure you create a folder in your phone, laptop or iPad for the A.B.U courses).

After “attending” the lecture (through videos) in the weekend, make sure you download the audio to your phone or iPad.

What you’ll do with the audio is to go around with it all through the week.

Make sure you take time out (between Saturday – Sunday night) to “attend” the business lecture through the video.

Then, you will use your week (Monday – Friday afternoon) to listen to the Audio training and to do the practical “assignment” you’ll be given in this university.

In case we have extra Audio-books, that will come to you on Wednesdays. Please also take time to go through them

This university should be one of the most important things in your life for the next 6 months.

Don’t Try to Miss Any Course!

There are two things you’ll do now.

First, you’ll send us your phone number if you’ve not done so, because we need to contact you (via SMS) often.

Please send your phone number to or simply reply the first mail that was sent to you.

Second, you’ll watch the two videos below.

One is introductory video course and the second is a short video that explains how you can easily use the university’s portal.

Please Note;

There is an error towards the end of this video (around 39 minutes to the end). You’ll hear Steve asking you to “Apply” for the A.B.U. This is so because of when the video was made. Kindly ignore that statement because you’ve been admitted already.


We Love You.

Watch the video of the first course;


Watch this video to know how to use the university’s portal when the login details are sent to you;


Please send your phone number to or simply reply the first mail that was sent to you