If you ever had a dream of owning your own successful business…

 but you don’t know how to start, run or strategies of having a successful business of your own,

Give us 9 days and we will train you;

How to Start, Run & Build Your Own Successful Business in Nigeria

(Note; You can attend this 9-day intensive business training right from your home, office or just anywhere, at any time of the day because it’s an online business training)

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Dear friend,

Stephen OloruNi
Stephen OlorunNi, ABC CEO

The reason why you’re not a successful business owner by now is not because anything is wrong with you, or you’re dumb,

Not even because the economy is bad.

The reason why you’re not a successful business owner today is because you were never trained or encoureged to be an entreprepreneur.

You have spent more than 19 years of your life in schools where nobody taught you how to start a successful business,

Like you, I too spent a whole lot of years in school, but my story is different from that of many people.

My story is different because I knew the way of entrepreneurship, very early in life.

One day when I was around age 13, I stood alone in the football pitch of my school and asked myself; “Why should I become an employee, if I could become an employer?

I was a little boy of age 13, yet, I was challenging the concept of being an employee.

Why can’t I be an entrepreneur?” was my question ……   even at age 13.

Though I was born by a poor father (who was a farmer) and a poor mother (who was a tailor and petty trader), I started my first business before I was age 15.

Before I was age 18, I had started 4 different businesses of my own and at age 19, I became one of the share holders of the Ecobank of Nigeria (though a very small share)img_20161109_104720

Today as I’m writing this words, I have started about 7 businesses of my own, though many of them failed.

But not what you think!

My parents or family never gave me any money to start business (though I kept some of the money I got from them and used it to start one of my businesses, instead of spending it like my mates)

At age 21, I went fully into the business world.

I have spent almost all my life in the business world, either as partner, as apprentice, as a busines student or investor or as business owner.

I have read hundreds of books about business and business strategies.

Not because of anything else, but because I love business.

I love business

Com’on! I love business.

Though business is NOT easy, if you’re willing to learn and act, you will move from the prison to palace.

I have passed through hell in the business world, but today, me and my beautiful wife live a very good life, by the grace of Jesus.

Myself & my wife at home
Myself & my wife at home

Give me 9-day and myself and the ABC team would train you how to become a successful business owner, in Nigeria.


Our goal is to train you how to start your own business in Nigeria and make it successful

Africa Business Classroom (ABC) is a registered organization in Nigeria under the Federal Government of Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission’ Act*

This is our certificate of registration;ABC Registration certificate

All through these 9 days, you will have opportunity to learn directly from my wealth of business wisdom

I will train you how to avoid the mistakes I made when I started in the business world.

I will train you how to use the formulas I used to succeed in the little way I have.

I will train you base on the business knowledge I have gathered from reading hundreds of business books and learning from my business mentors.

In all, my goal is to train you how to start and run your own successful business in Nigeria, even in this recession and bad economy


I am NOT promising you that I can teach you how to become a millionaire next week.

I am NOT promising you that I can teach you about how to be rich without work

and I am NOT telling you that I am a millionaire.

No. I am NOT a millionaire.

I am just an ordinary man who tried extraordinary things, have some success and now revealing the secrets of business success to my fellow Africans.

All through these 9 days of intensive business training, I Would be taking you by the hand and showing you the tactics and hidden strategies you need to know, in order to start your own successful business in this bad economy.

I am sure you want to ask me some questions, right?

These are some questions you may want to ask me and the answers;

  1. Who can be part of this business training?

Anyone (man or woman) who is very serious about starting his/her own business and becoming a successful business owner

  1. Where will this training take place?

Online, through your E-mail address and through phone conversation (which ABC is paying for)

  1. Is this business training for Nigerians alone? You can attend this business training from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a phone and an E-mail address
  2. What form will this business training take?

This business training will come in 3 different forms;

  1. Videos training which your phone can watch without much megabits.
  2. Reading training, (in PDF) which your phone or laptop could read
  3. On-the-phone training/conversation which the ABC is responsible for the cost of the call.

This business training will be delivered to you through the above 3 forms.

You’ll get a part of the training in video modules, a part in reading modules and the third part as phone conversation with the ABC CEO

  1. What do I need to be part of this business training?

Just your phone or laptop and your E-mail address

  1. What if I don’t have an E-mail address?

Call us on 08100446044 or 09058252288 (+2348100446044 or +2349058252288 from outside Nigeria)

We’ll arrange another means for you to be part of this 9-day business training.

  1. What if I don’t have a phone?

Sorry, you cannot be part of this business training if you don’t have a phone or laptop.

  1. How long will this business training be?

9 days.

  1. Will I have to leave my work or travel to anywhere to attend this business training? Not at all. You could continue your normal daily work and activities. All you have to do is to create about 20-30 minutes each day to go through the day’s training module.

This 20-30 minutes could be when you wake up in the morning, as you’re inside the bus to your work, when you have lunch break at work, when you’re returning from work or at the evening, after the day’s work etc.

  1. What if for a reason I missed a day’s training module?

No problem! Your day’s training module would be inside your E-mail inbox (5am, every day). You can go back to it the next day or anytime. It will always be there

  1. How long will this business training modules be (remain) inside my E-mail inbox?


After these 9 days business training, you could go back and revise the whole training all over again.

You could keep it there inside your E-mail for the next 50 years or more

  1. What form does this business training take?

This training will take three forms.

We have a part of this business training that are in video training modules and we have designed these videos in such a way that you could watch them through your phone or laptop, with minimal browsing data.

There are other parts of the training that are in reading modules. These reading modules are in PDF format. You could read them with your phone or laptop.

The third part of this business training is the most interesting. It is the phone conversation and business training with the ABC CEO, Stephen OlorunNi

So many people have asked me over the years, “Please how can I meet you?”

My answer is usually, “It’s not easy to meet with me”.

Not because I am Nigerian president but because I have so many things on my schedule and so little time left.

I am a very busy man.

Take for instance, if my schedule works the way I plan it (as at the time of writing this) for the next few weeks days, I may have to travel from Osun state to Benin city, get involve in marketing research, cost analyses and business strategies for two different startup companies which I am partnering with, as their consultant, then move to Lagos.

I have a business meeting in Lagos which involves me partnering in some ways with Glo Nigeria.

I will then be in a business conference (at another place in Lagos) where I would be the chief speaker. I should move from there to Ibadan and before you know it, a whole month might have gone, while I am on the road.

So, naturally, it could be very hard for you to see me, as most people want to (except if you can pay between #70-100,000 for my 2hrs)

Now I want to do something which will be as good as you seeing me.

I will be on phone with you for 1hr.

This is easier and could go well with my schedule because either I am in a hotel room in Kano or in a friend’s house at Lagos, I can create some time to be on phone with you.

It will be a one-on-one conversation and business training between me and you, on the phone.

Why is this important?

This is very important because I want to know you and get involve with your financial life…… on a personal level.

Please don’t misunderstand me here.

I am NOT promising to become your best friend.

While this is possible, there is no guarantee because I am a public figure.

More than 500 new people are coming in contact with the ABC every day.

How can I promise such multitude that I would come and sleep in their rooms?

But I can still be your business coach. I can still be your business mentor.

That’s what I want to do.

I want to try and hold you by the hand.

I want to know your specific situations and use my over 20 years of (direct and indirect) business experience and knowledge to help you, as an individual, to start your own business

Are you an employee, unemployed, small business owner who want to grow his/her business or a retiree who want to start a business?

I know your situation could be different and that’s why I want to attend to you, personally.

Apart from the video and reading business training modules which will train you and reveal so many hidden and insider secrets about starting and owning a successful business to you, I know there could be some situations and hindrances that are peculiar to you.

I know you need a mentor and a business coach to speak with, one-on-one.

I am willing to be your mentor and help you out of the rat race, to starting your on successful business.

Though it’s NOT easy, though it’s very tough, together, with God, my mentorship and your willingness, you can start and build your own successful business empire in Nigeria or any African country.

  1. But, I don’t have enough call unit (credit) to call you for one hour, what can I do?

Worry not. We (at the ABC) are going to be responsible for the cost of the call, because I will be the one to call you (on the number you will give us when you register for this business training.

I will call you for 30 minutes (during the business training) while you’ll have the remaining 30 minutes as your “opportunity” to call me for any further guidance as you go on in the business world.

  1. But will you still call me, if I am not in Nigeria, considering the international call rate?

Of course yes.

  1. What and what will I learn from this 9-day business training?

Some of the things you will learn from this 9-day business training are:

  • The number one secret Africans don`t know about starting business, which is the reason why most of them cannot start their own business (this 9-day business training will reveal it to you)
  • Starting a business is not a problem. The real problem is in making money from your business. Register for this 9-day business training to see an important step you must take to make your business successful.
  • To make your business profitable in Nigeria, you have to be smart, strategic and tactical. Most Nigerians don`t know how to go about this. I will teach you during this 9-day business training.
  • How I started my first business when I was only age 15 and what you must learn from how I started, if you want to start a business in Africa.
  • Most people think they need much money to start a business. Well, they are wrong! You will know what they don`t know during this intensive business training
  • If you start a business today, you will definitely have some competitors. So tell me, how do you plan to make people buy from you and not your competitors? This is a big problem for most Nigerian business owners. It won`t be a problem for you anymore after passing through this practical business training
  • Governments, news agencies and other people in Africa are advising you to be self-employed. That`s a bad advice. You don`t have to be self-employed. You have to be an employer of labour and a giant business owner. You`ll learn how to achieve this through this 9-day business training.
  • 3 things I did between June, 2007 and July 24th, 2008 that helped me to be whom I am today. I will show you how you can use my exact secret inside this business trainig
  • How to discover business ideas and opportunities you need to start your own business in Nigeria and Africa
  • What you don`t know, which is the reason why you have not been able to start your own business till now and how you can start right now!
  • I have read from near 300 books about life and business even BEFORE I started fully in business on 24th July, 2008 so I thought I had knew so much and I was so proud until I later discovered something else which I’ll teach you during these 9 days intensive business training
  • How the bad things that are happening in Nigeria can help you to start your own business. Believe me, some people are already taking the advantage of the ugly situations of Nigeria to be rich (by solving some national problems and make money doing so). This business training will teach you can build a prosperous business, despite the ugly situations around you.
  • The biggest mistake Nigerians make whenever they want to start business which is the reason why they fail. You have to know this mistake or you too will fail in business.
  • How to sell your products or services, fast, even in a competitive market 
  • A simple practical step you must take NOW, if truly you want to have a profitable business in Nigeria. You don`t need money to do this yet, most Nigerians don`t know about it. (you will know in before the next 9 days)
  • The secret three warriors (Hernan Cortes, Emperor Julian, and Agathocles of Syracuse) used in 1519 AD, 363 BC and 310 BC respectively to win tough battles, how I used the same secret to make money in business and how you can use the same secret to make money in Africa tough business environment.
  • The business secret I learned from a great business leader about 6 years ago that is helping me to make money when others are losing money in business. The name of that business giant is Brian Sher. I will share what I learned from him with you during this 9-day business training
  • How to make much money from business in Nigeria without inventing a new thing, provided you will follow my teachings inside this business training.
  • Do you know it`s NOT product or service we are actually selling in the business world? We are selling perception, customers` perception. If your business is not perceived well by your customers, they will not buy from you. This 9-day business training would train you how to position your business in a great way so as to ATTRACT many customers
  • What African successful entrepreneurs know about business which make them succeed but which they will never tell you. This is actually not a secret. You just don`t know it until now.
  • Just as you cannot win a battle if you`re not having war strategies, you cannot have a lucrative business in Nigeria if you`re not having business strategies. Register for this 9-day practical business training to know how to get business strategies that will make your business profitable.
  • Do you know that you can sell a good product or offer a great service and still not make money in Nigeria? Yes, if you don`t know what I will teach you inside this intensive business training
  • There is one business book I came across in the year 2008 and I still revisit it till today because the book has taught me so much about business. Every Nigerian who want to make money from business must read this book! I will tell you the name of this great business book during these 9 days.
  • The first thing you must do if you`re unemployed and wish to have a profitable business in Nigeria
  • The second step you must take if you`re unemployed and want to have a successful business in Nigeria
  • One important thing you must do if you`re an employee who want to start a business in Nigeria
  • How to grow your business (if you`re having a small business already)
  • How to avoid running back from business. Many Nigerians have started business and ran back because they didn`t know what is inside this 9-day intensive business training.
  • How I turn my talent to business and make money and how you too can turn your talent to a profitable business in Nigeria.
  • Must you lie before you can make money in Nigeria? No. I`m a born again child of God (by the grace of God). I don`t lie and I make money in Nigeria. I will reveal to you what most people don`t know which make them think that they have to lie to make money.
  • Do you know that in a survey, more people said that they love the taste of Pepsi than the taste of Coca Cola? Yet, more people are buying Coca Cola than Pepsi. Why is this so? There is a secret Coca Cola uses which you too have to use to sell hundreds and thousands of whatever products/services you`re selling, even when you have competitors. If you don`t know this secret, just forget your dream of making money through your business in Nigeria (Fortunately, you can discover this same secret before this next 9 days through this business training).
  • As you want to start your own business in Nigeria, what is the best thing to sell? Should you sell what people need or what they want? You will be surprised that you don`t know the answer until you go through this 9-day intensive business training
  • The mistake my close friend made that made him to fail in business and how you can avoid the same mistake, so you won`t fail in the business you`re about to start.
  • One thing Dangote and every Nigerian successful business men/women do to make money in Nigeria, but which they may never tell you. I too do this and I’m willing to reveal this to you during this 9-day business training.
  • Do you know what marketers call USP? If you don`t know about USP and how to use it to start and make a business profitable, then why do you want to start a business? Don`t try that or else you will waste your money. Register for this 9-day business training to know about USP and how to use it to start, run and make money from business, in Nigeria.
  • How important is your business name? Do you know that your business name can be what will kill your business? If you don`t know this, I will advise you NOT to think of starting a business until you read how to use your business name as a strategy against your competitors starting from
  • 9 ways by which you can win your competitors and build a profitable company. I`m NOT teaching you theory here. I did it in a business I started in September, 2012. I had a little success, because I didn`t do it right. I however used this same tactic again in April 2014 and I`m still using it till now and enjoying its great reward, so I know what I`m saying.
  • One important business “secret” I taught two of our Nigerian entrepreneur “students” on phone in the last few months (about starting a business). I will teach you the most important thing I taught them during this 9-day practical business training.
  • Most Africans who are starting business think they must sell their products and services at lower prices if the will attract people to what they are selling.

I pity them!

They cannot be rich in the business world that way. You don`t have to sell at lower price.

Just do what I will teach you during this 9-day, practical, intensive business training and you will be able to sell at normal (or higher) prices and your customers will even rush to buy from you.

Samsung phone is always more expensive than Tecno, People rush to buy Apple products, even if it`s expensive, MTN sold Sim cards for #20,000 and you rushed to buy it.

How do they do it? Any magic?

This business training will reveal their secrets to you.

There are so many other practical business secrets, strategies and tactics that will train you how to start, run and make a lot of money from your business inside this business training.

So, How Much is This 9-Day Intensive Business Training?

The registration fee for this 9-day business training is #25,000. The discounted fee is #7,000

What is the difference between the two?

The actual fee of this business training is #25,000 but to give everyone the opportunity to this 9-day business training, we decided to give some people over 70% discount, for now.

(The discount is still available today, [todaysdate format=”D, jS F Y”])

So, if you register for this 9-day business training today or tomorrow, you’ll be registering with just a token #7,000, not #25,000.

Be part of this 9-day intensive business training in 3 steps;

  1. Make the payment (Either direct bank payment or mobile fund transfer, internet transfer) to any of the following bank accounts;

    Our company’s Account;

    Account name; Business Classroom Vission

    Account Number; 101-483-1699

    Bank; Zenith Bankimg_20161003_091949

    The above is our company’s account. However, if Zenith bank is not convenient for you, you can use any of the following banks;


Name; Augustine Racheal

Acct No; 206-663-3572


Name; Stephen Afolabi

Acct No; 003-576-4022

First Bank

Name; Augustine Racheal

Acct No; 307-659-4668

2. Send your E-mail address or phone number (if you don’t have email) to; 08100446044 (+2348100446044 from outside Nigeria)

3. Check your e-mail address few hours after and you’ll receive a welcome message of the training in your email address

You’ll start your 9-day business training the same day you register for the training

If you have any questions, call/text 08100446044 (+2348100446044) or 09058252288 (+2349058252288)

Please Note;

You can call us anytime in the day (7am-10pm) and if you`re reading this at the middle of the night, you can send us a text message.

If you dial our line and get “User Busy” or “Not Reachable”, it may be because some other people are trying to call us the same time you’re trying or because the network isn’t very okay when you try

Our line is ALWAYS available.

You can send us a text.

We reply every (meaningful) text message.

100% Money-Back-Guarantee!

ABC has a name you can trust.

We are a registered organization in Nigeria, under the Federal Government of Nigeria

But we don`t want to stay at that.

We want to assure you that you have nothing to worry about concerning our business training.

However, if for any reason you`re not satisfied with our business training program, kindly let us know.

You know something?

Your money will be refunded, 100%


If you have any questions, call 08100446044 / 09058252288  (+2348100446044 / +2349058252288

 from outside Nigeria)

Listen to what some of the people who have been our business students before said about the ABC;

“I have started two businesses since I read your (business) books. You have changed the way me and my wife live”

Okwuchukwu Achochi
Mr. Okwuchukwu Achochi

“I am short of words. I don’t know how to thank you people for giving me more courage to be on my own”

Obiageli Azubuike
Mrs. Obiageli Azubuike

“Meeting the ABC has changed the direction of my life”

Mr. Olaniyi Olayinka
Mr. Olaniyi Olayinka

“Since I started reading this (your business course) my thinking and life has changed. I have already started building my business with my team … by doing what I learnt from the course”

Chike Ezeji
Mr. Chike Ezeji

“ABC has revolutionized the way I think, the way I see money, the way I see myself and the way I look at business and various business opportunities around. I now believe without a shadow of doubt that I can become a mega business owner. I am happy I came across ABC“

Prince Nwandire
Mr. Prince Nwandire

“You inspired me in the years 2014 to start a small business. That small business is now a good success. Am so happy I did enrolled for the ABC class.”

Business training participant
Mrs. Mary Perewari

The above people (and so many others) did not even have the opportunity to a kind of 9-day intensive business training you’re about to get. All they got was one or two of our business books.

They read just our business books, got inspired, got hidden revelations and secrets to start their own business and did just that.

But in designing this training, we wish to help you a little further than that.

That’s why we include 9 days of intensive business reading training, vidoes training and on-the-phone training and conversation.

If you have any questions, call/text 08100446044 (+2348100446044) or 09058252288 (+2349058252288)

Please Note;

You can call us anytime in the day (7am-10pm) and if you`re reading this at the middle of the night, you can send us a text message.

If you dial our line and get “User Busy” or “Not Reachable”, it may be because some other people are trying to call us the same time you’re trying or because the network isn’t very okay when you try

Our line is ALWAYS available.

You can send us a text.

We reply every (meaningful) text message.

ABC is a registered organization in Nigeria under the federal government of Nigeria’s corporate affairs commission*

This is our certificate of registrationABC Registration certificateOur Mission is to Train You How to Become a Successful Business Owner!cropped-abc-big-logo.jpg

We love you!

Stephen OloruNi
Stephen OlorunNi, ABC CEO