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Africa Business Classroom is a registered organization in Nigeria under the Federal Government of Nigeria’s  Companies and Allied Matters Act*

This is our certificate of registration;

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Since September 2007 till date, Africa Business Classroom (ABC) has reached thousands of people in over 21 countries.

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We have inspired and trained many Africans how to be successful business owners.

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And hundreds other testimonies of how our training has helped several Africans.

If you’re fortunate to be part of any of our ongoing business training, you’ll be grateful you did.

You can get the following life-changing business book for free;

  1. 13 Secrets School Did Not Teach You About How to Be Rich

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Did you ever wonder why most people remain poor, even after spending a lot of money and over 20 years in schools?

Did you ever wonder why some people who did not even finish school becomes millionaires while PhD holders are poor?

The reason is because there are 13 SECRETS school did not teach you about how to be rich.

No matter how many years you spend in schools, if you don`t know these 13 secrets, you can NEVER become rich.

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2. If you’re serious about starting your own successful business you’ll want to join our Business University (the Africa Business University)

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If you don’t feel like joining our University, you may like any of the following individual business courses.

The difference between our business university and the below business courses is that the business university contains every of the below courses in detail videos, audios and PDF programs while the below courses are separated for those who like it that way.

How to Start Your Own Business in Nigeria & Africa and How to Make a Lot of Money through it.IMG_20170217_174435


This is our famous 9-Day Intensive Business Training.

Did you ever dream of having a very profitable, money producing business?

Did you ever wonder what it takes to build a successful business of your own from scratch?

It`s NOT easy to build a successful business from scratch, but it`s very possible, if you`re a serious person and are ready to learn.

I have spent so many years in the business world.

I have read hundreds of books about business. I have failed many times and succeeded too.

I wrote this training and shot the videos from my practical business experience and deep business knowledge, no wonder people who read this book said they have never read any book like it

You must register for this training, if you wish to succeed in business in Nigeria!

This business training will teach you everything you need to know about starting business and making money from business in Nigeria and other African countries.IMG_20170217_174435

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How to Discover Profitable Business Opportunities in Nigeria.Widget

I am making much money through my business, in Nigeria, and living well, than many Nigerians who ran away to the US and UK.

Many people in Nigeria and Africa think that fraudulent politicians have destroyed their countries and there is no opportunity to make much money anymore.

This is a LIE.

  • The problem is, lucrative business opportunities are not visible to your two physical eyes.You have to be trained to see them.This 7-day business training will reveal to you how to discover the hidden, lucrative and wealth creating business opportunities in Nigeria and Africa


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Learn how to discover opportunities in Nigeria


  How to Find Investor/Capital to Finance Your Own Business
Get investors
Do you have a business you want to start but there is no resources to finance it?

So many people think that the reason why they are poor is because they don`t have capital to start a business.

They are wrong!

Capital isn’t scarce!

I have learned the secrets of getting capital for years and till this day I use those secrets to start and to run my business.

I can tell you (from my practical business experience and knowledge) that capital is never scarce.

This business course will reveal to you the secrets of getting enough capital to finance your business

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  How to Be Rich: the Science of Getting RichScience

This business book teaches you the universal principles of wealth.

This book teaches you the “science” of money which is not known to most people.

Click here  to read more about it.

The difference between our business university and the above business courses is that the business university contains every of the above courses in detail videos, audios and PDF programs while the above courses are separated for those who like it that way.

For Agric Business Training

If you have interest in Agric Business, our company can help you.

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We want to train you to be a successful entrepreneur!

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*Africa Business Classroom is registered under the Federal Government of Nigeria as Business Classroom Vision.