An Opportunity for Just 5 Nigerians to Invest With Our Fast-Growing Company

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Thank you fellow Nigerian and welcome to the Africa Business Classroom (ABC).

You’ve probably read my story, of how I started my first business before I was 15 years old and how I have spent virtually all my life in the business world.

Business is the only game I love playing (I don’t watch football, volley ball or anything TV has to offer, but I play business game, a lot, strategically).

Now I want to give opportunity to 3-5 Nigerians to play this game along with me as we (together) partner on our fast-growing company (ABTCON)

ABTCON is one of the two companies started under the Business Classroom Vision, which is a registered company under the federal government of Nigeria.

This is our certificate of registration;

We keep our first company solely to ourselves but we’re giving 3-5 people the opportunity to invest in, partner with and make money from the ABTCON

We really don’t need you as “investor”. Instead, we need you as our business partner. If you love business, I’ll like to get you practically involve in this (the reason is because games are more enjoyable when more people watch it).

However if you’re the type that has no much time, you may watch from afar.

What is Required to Be Our Partner on This?

Because we really don’t need much people (We’ll be happy to work with just 3 people. However if we’re to be considerate, we’ll allow 5 people. Nothing more than that!), that’s why we give the following criteria;

  1. Anyone who will partner with us must be a Nigerian. You don’t have to live in Nigeria. You may be living in the UK, US or Ghana, but you must be a Nigerian. For now, we don’t want to partner with or take investment from anyone who is not a Nigerian.
  2. Anyone who wants to invest/partner with us mus have at least 30 minutes at the end of every quarter of the year to go through our quarterly company’s report. If you’re too busy to even know what and what your partners do, the progress made, etc., then we’ll not accept your investment. The reason is because we want to be very transparent with everyone involved with this.
  3. Anyone who wishes to partner with us must be willing to invest at least one million naira and we’re not accepting anything more than #10 million from anyone. The least amount you can invest with us is #1 million while the maximum amount you can invest with us is #10 million. The reason for this is because we don’t want to partner with much people (the more people involve, the more complex it becomes) at the same time we want to give the opportunity to at least 3 people, so it would not be fair to take #20 million from someone and deny others the opportunity to be part of our success.

If you think you’re qualified to invest with us, we’ll like to send you our business plan. This would give you the details of the company’s products, viability and strategies.

To request for the business plan, send an E-mail to; or call; 08100446044 or 09058252288 (+2348100446044 or +2349058252288 outside Nigeria).

We still have slots today;  [todaysdate format=”D, jS F Y”])