13 Reasons Why I Hate School (No.7 will make you hate school too)

In this highly controversial post, a Nigerian successful entrepreneur, Steve Olorun-Ni shared his thought on why he thinks school is STUPID.


Steve Olorun-Ni
Steve Olorun-Ni

One day when I was a little boy of about 13 years old,

I stood alone on the football pitch of my secondary school

Like This
Like This

and asked myself;

“Why would I work for another man, if I could work for myself?”

I was in J.S.S 2 that year, yet I was wondering (and a bit angry)

because I heard everyone talking about job, job and “good job”

“Why must I become an employee, when I can become a business owner?”

was my troubling question.

Why did school teach you how to be an employee,

even when the most stupid man among us knows that “good job” is gone ….. forever?

Why didn’t school teach you how to be an entrepreneur?

Something is wrong here.

Don’t you know?

After wondering why everyone was talking about job, job, job for some time,

I started my first major business when I was a boy of 15.

At age 18, I had started more than 4 different businesses of my own (though small businesses).

When I was leaving school at age 21, I was advised to work for a Nigerian bank but I rejected the offer.

because I hate being employee!

From the time I started my first business (at age 15) till today, I have been involved in more than 11 businesses

(while about 7 of them are my personal businesses).

I have started businesses with hundreds of naira and I have started business with millions of naira.

PLEASE, don’t get me wrong!

It was NOT easy for me.

I struggled with raising capital.

I made many mistakes.

I lost my businesses.

I was rejected and neglected by family members.

I was mocked by some friends.

It was a lonely (and painful) journey

I cried some nights (and over ate)

Most people around me thought I was crazy

because for more than 7 years, I achieved NOTHING significant.

However, somewhere along the line, I got my breakthrough

Today, I’m the MD of the BCV, a registered company in Nigeria which operates from Lagos and worth millions of naira.

all those years of struggles has become history.

Now, I want to help few Nigerians to become like me.

In the year 2013, I got extremely ANGRY that most people are still being taught (by school) to love job.

(Even as we all know that the days of “good job” is over)

I was angry!

With this anger, I wrote a book and titled it; “13 Secrets School Did Not Teach You about How to Be Rich”

The first man that read this book said “I was having tears in my heart as I read your book”

Several other Nigerians who read the book sent me testimonies of how their lives changed.

And from there, the book went on to become one of the most influential business books in Africa.

So far, this book (13 Secrets School Did Not Teach You about How to Be Rich) has traveled to more than 25 countries.

In the year 2016, I felt that I was already making enough money from my business, so I stopped selling the 13 Secrets business book.

Instead of selling this great business book, I started giving it out to Africans, 100% FREE.

Now, you can pay for the 13 Secrets or get it completely free (your choice)

If you want to pay for it, its worth #7,000

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But why are we doing this?

Whenever I look around and see Nigerians working like slaves (8Am-4Pm)

and earning meager salary that cannot even take care of their needs (not to talk of having surplus), my heart bleeds.

It’s not a sin to work hard (I do work hard than many people).

It’s however another thing when you’re doing the job you hate,

or worse, when there’s nothing to show for your years of hard labour.

“Why working for someone, if you could work for yourself and make more money?”

I know it’s not easy.

But it’s possible, if you’re serious and willing to learn

I was born in one of the poorest villages in Nigeria (Oyi-Adio, Osun State).

Not only that.

I was born as a SICKLER.

If I can become a successful entrepreneur in Nigeria…….. you can.

Again, listen.

It’s NOT easy.

But it’s possible, if you’re willing to learn from an experienced entrepreneur.

With my near one decade of business experience and curious studies of hundreds of business books,

I created a life-changing 9-day business training in the year 2016.

This happens to be another “miracle” in the continent of Africa as most people who attended the training think I’m a business genius.

But no.

I’m NOT a business genius.

I’m just willing to share my business strategies, tactics, experience and wisdom with you.

There are many successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria who know far more than I do,

but who are not willing to share their secrets with anyone.

I have been in the business world almost all my adult life.

I love business

I think business, study business, do business in Nigeria… for several years.

Now, I want to share my business strategies and tactics with few serious Nigerians.

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